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30 November 2021 | 09.30am - 12.30pm

Delivered through the medium of English 


This 3-hour workshop is for people who want to ‘level up’ their charity’s governance and set high standards for their board or management committee.  

Learning outcomes

By attending this course you will:  

  • Have increased knowledge of the principles set out in the Charity Governance Code and how to apply them to the governance of your charity  
  • Have increased knowledge of governance policies and why they matter  
  • Have increased knowledge of good practice in trustee recruitment, including carrying out skills audits, open recruitment, induction and succession planning  
  • Have increased knowledge of how to carry out a board appraisal exercise  
  • Have increased knowledge of how to carry out governance reviews

Who this course is for

This course is most suitable for people who have some experience and knowledge of charity governance; for example, established trustees and governance officers, and chief executives who are supporting their boards to improve.  

This course assumes that your charity already has a good standard of governance in place to work from; for example, a board with defined roles and responsibilities, some governance polices and procedures in place, and shared awareness of the importance of governance and standards such as the Charity Governance Code, Nolan Principles etc.  

If you are looking for more introductory content, our Introduction to Good Governance course may be more suitable for your needs.   

This course is not suitable for boards that are in crisis or experiencing serious problems. If this is the case, please speak to WCVA or your local CVC about the issues.   

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