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This course gives an introduction to a number of qualitative data gathering techniques, such as individual (semi-) qualitative interviews, focus group discussions, participant observations, etc. We will also explore the analysis of data so that it can be used in your research project.

It is open to research students at all stages of candidature and is an interactive course, drawing upon examples across the sciences and the presenter’s experiences in conducting qualitative interviews in war-affected areas in Africa and Asia.

Who is this for?
- Any PGR student, at any stage of study.
- PGR students considering or planning to use qualitative techniques in their research

What will I learn?
- An understanding of various different qualitative data gathering and analysis techniques
- The ability to plan the use of qualitative data gathering and analysis in your own research project
- The ability to reflect on your role as a researcher in the social world and how this influence the data gathered