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Put your pin in the map!

Welsh Government is sponsoring a Welsh map to promote events in Wales.

As we move towards 2022, find out how to put your events on the map

https://openstreetmap.cymru for free. 

Join our mapping expert Ben Proctor of Herefordshire 3rd sector organisation Data Orchard & David Wyn of www.dailingual.wales at 11am this Wednesday 1st December on Zoom

as they explain how the WG's @MapioCymru could help you promote your events on an embeddable map for your website at no cost to you.

Mapio Cymru


Mapio Cymru yn Gymraeg: http://openstreetmap.cymru #Cymraeg2050 project dan nawdd Llywodraeth Cymru/W.G. #MapioCymru mapiocymru@dailingual.com