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FREE Bill Assistance Verification Training can be delivered virtually and will provide you ‘trusted partner’ status to verify and apply for one or more of our services on behalf of the client/customer:

Client/Customer Benefits:

  • Assistance on to correct tariff and/or scheme
  • Reduction in charges and opportunity to increase disposable income
  • No paperwork or filling in forms
  • Holistic advice and support
  • Free Priority Services and Water Efficiency Advice


  • Supports Financial Inclusion objectives
  • Maximises income
  • Creates disposable income to pay other charges
  • Quick and easy way to apply on behalf of customer
  • Combines all schemes onto one form
  • Offers ‘fast track’ process
  • All applications accepted without further verification checks by Welsh Water
  • Full verification status acquired following 3 hour training session

Care & Repair Cymru

Third Sector organisation working towards older people living independently in safe, warm, accessible homes