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Training to support teaching and learning about the current state of the climate and nature, specifically in Wales.


A free, virtual webinar which will give you an insight into the causes and consequences of climate change and will examine what we need to change to combat the worst effects. Join us as we discuss how to involve and raise awareness of this emotive and difficult topic amongst our future generations.

Led by Education, Learning & Skills staff from Natural Resources Wales.


  • Increased understanding of what the climate and nature emergencies are and their implications for the natural environment.
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of how Welsh lifestyles are contributing to climate change and the need for positive action and pro-environmental behaviour to mitigate the effects climate change.
  • Increased understanding of how the natural environment supports our day to day lives.
  • Increased confidence in teaching children and young people to engage with the climate and nature emergencies.


Feedback on this session:

Becky Ward, Biodiversity Officer, Blaenau Gwent: "Really useful and very informative. Looking forward to going back to the links after the session. Great course leaving with a positive, motivational message to take action. Thank you all." 

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