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SAIL: Communities are the basis (sail) of out lives

What is the green economy?

What is a local and community economy?

Who is key in these economies?

Who is driving these economies?

Who influences?

What are the opportunities for our communities in integrating these economies?

We want to create a platform and open the debate for the communities of Gwynedd and Anglesey to start discussing, imagining and brainstorming from our vast experiences, and responding to what we want and need.

Our introductory event was a success. We want to hold our second event on the 'Green Economy'.

The event will be in two parts.

The aim of part 1 will be to share knowledge and learning and provide a common basis for part 2 discussions.


Part 1 will take place July 31st, 2020, 14:00 - online.

We are delighted to welcome two knowledgeable and exciting speakers:

Professor Calvin Jones

Calvin Jones is a Professor of Economics and Deputy Dean at Cardiff Business School, where he helms the School's unique Public Value strategy. He holds a PhD in   the Economics of Tourism and Major Sports Events and has been diagnosing and  prescribing the Welsh economy for thirty years, arguably to little discernible effect. His research focuses on future skills, energy economics, climate and community led regeneration.

Calvin is a failed rock star and novelist, but winner of the Moss Madden Medal in Regional Science. In 2012 he authored the black comedy short ‘A Million Years of Sunshine’ (https://vimeo.com/78415270)

Grant Peisley

A social entrepreneur, localism practitioner and sustainable communities consultant. He is a Founding Director of the award winning Datblygiadau Egni Gwledig (DEG) who has helped over 60 community groups in northwest Wales on energy projects.

Grant is also a Director of Community Energy Wales , YnNi Teg and YnNi Llyn.


Part 2 will take place August 7th, 2020, 14:00 online.

We would like for you to be part of the discussion, to speak on behalf of your community.

The second part will be an open discussion where we will seek to provide a space for communities that are actively involved in the development of their local economies to discuss and share experiences. We hope to develop new and old links, and to share and learn from real experiences in our communities.

We can develop a shared vision that imagines what a green, community and local economy will look like. We will discuss and try to overcome obstacles and celebrate and learn where there are already successes.

Cwmni Cymunedol Bro Ffestiniog

Cwmni Cymunedol Bro Ffestiniog

Menter gymdeithasol, parasol a rhwydwaith cydweithredol o fentrau cymdeithasol Bro Ffestiniog. Rydym yn ymgymryd â, ac yn galluogi gwaith cymunedol amgen. Rydym yn edrych i sicrhau ac atgyfnerthu cymuned fel canolbwynt i holl benderfyniadau, twf a datblygiadau cymdeithas.


Social enterprise, parasol and co-operative network of social enterprises in Bro Ffestiniog. We undertake and enable alternative community work. We look to secure and strengthen community as a focal point for all the decisions, growth and developments of society.