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Defund the police? Reimagining Wales' justice system

7:30pm, 20/9/21

on Zoom

Bianca Ali (Black Lives Matter), Dr Val Ashton, Savanna Jones and Dafydd Llywelyn (Police and Crime Commissioner)

Come and hear a debate about how we can restructure the justice system in Wales to create safe communities. 

Some argue that police funding should be redirected into other services on the basis that they would be more likely to lead to safer communities. Should we defund the police? If so, where should the money go instead? 1 in 3 prisoners are people with serious drug addiction, so should we legalise drugs in Wales? Would doing so release and raise a lot of funding to spend in other areas?

Please join the discussion, organised by Melin Drafod.

Melin Drafod: a think and do tank, with a progressive agenda for an independent Wales

Melin Drafod

Melin Dafod

melin drafod: agenda flaengar ar gyfer Cymru annibynnol / think tank: a progressive agenda for an independent Wales