A red mapping pin. A green background covers the bottom half of the image with white above (mimicking the flag of Wales)

We need your help to add Welsh names to places and features in OpenStreetMap.

This workshop will show you how easy that is to do and give you an opportunity to do it for yourself.

OpenStreetMap is a global geographic database. It is used by many different organisations every day. For example humanitarian organisations rely on OpenStreetMap data to help them co-ordinate their response to emergencies. Global tech companies like Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft use OpenStreetMap data within their services. We use OpenStreetMap data to generate a Welsh language map which refreshes every day.

OpenStreetMap relies on volunteers to edit it, add data and keep it up to date and accurate.

Welsh names are missing from many places in the OpenStreetMap data even in Wales. We are encouraging more people to get involved with improving the use of Welsh in the map. You can take part even if you don't speak Welsh.

It's really simple. 

This workshop will show you how to go about adding Welsh to OpenStreetMap.

Mapio Cymru is funded by the Welsh Government.


Data Orchard CIC

Data Orchard CIC

Data Orchard is a social enterprise helping not-for-profits use better data for greater impact. We deliver a number of data4good projects including Mapio.Cymru which is delivered in partnership with We Are Service Works Ltd