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What is Community Climate Action? Real examples from Wales

Egin supports communities in taking climate action and living more sustainably – but what does that really mean? The term “climate action” can already be vague enough, but when you add “community” into the mix it can become even more confusing.

Community climate action could be anything that brings together different voices from the community to reduce carbon emissions, change lifestyles to live in better balance with the earth, rethink how much we really need to use and throw away, or to help adapt to climate change. Some examples might include, but are not limited to: repair cafes, Libraries of Things, community gardens, community energy projects, car sharing, electric bike sharing, and green skill-building projects. 

Our Egin Peer Mentors have experience of being involved with, or setting up, community led climate action projects. In this webinar, you'll be able to hear from a selection of our Mentors about real-life examples of community climate action - including a little about the specific challenges that their communities face. 

The session will be delivered as a panel discussion with Q&A, as well as including time in breakout rooms so that you can get to meet each other and think about ideas for your own community.

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Alicia Stark, Tanio (Bettws, Bridgend County) -  Tanio's Spring Forward sessions for families at Ogmore Washeries are Forest Arts workshops which families attend together, with the aim of building stronger pathways of communication between generations, especially around emotional literacy and eco-anxiety. The sessions have seen ever-increasing community engagement, with an increased understanding and appreciation for the woodland, which seems to lead to communities taking better care of their environment. 

Ken Moon, Tir Pontypridd - Ken has worked on community led sustainability for 20 years and is chair and founding member of Tir Pontypridd, which aims to purchase land for community use. Ken will talk about some of the challenges the community has faced in trying to act on and implement their targets, which sometimes means lobbying or engaging with the public sector to change policy.

Lowri Hedd Vaughan - Lowri is a regenerative practitioner and recently a facilitator for the GwyrddNi movement in Eryri, North Wales. GwyrddNi is a community-based, community-led climate action movement funded by the Lottery's Climate Action Fund, currently operating in five areas of Gwynedd - facilitating spaces to discuss, share and act locally in response to the climate and ecological emergency. She will discuss their Community Climate Assembly process and schools programme that has generated 5 ambitious Community Climate Action plans.

Nina Finnigan, The Listening Project (Cynon Valley) - Nina is the Coordinator for the Listening Project, a befriending and intergenerational programme to combat loneliness and isolation among vulnerable older communities in the Cynon Valley. She manages a food poverty programme, which works to supply 100 hot meals once a week to the older community and which works to reduce food waste. 

More to be announced soon!

Event format:


What is Community Climate Action? A few opening thoughts from our speakers

Breakout rooms - a chance to meet a few other participants and share your own ideas

Panel Q&A - Stories from different communities in Wales: the unique challenges they face, the projects that our speakers have worked on, and how they got their communities engaged

Breakout rooms - a chance to ask more in-depth questions to our panelists and to generate your own ideas

Who is delivering this event?

This is a free webinar delivered by Egin, a programme run by the Development Trusts Association Wales that supports communities in Wales to tackle climate change. This webinar is part of Egin’s Learning and Sharing events; free sessions where you can discover how communities across Wales are tackling climate change and working on sustainability. In each session, you’ll hear from some of Egin’s Peer Mentors about the work they are doing, as well as from other experts. There will also be time to meet each other in breakout rooms to network and discuss your own ideas. By the end of the session, you will hopefully have a clearer idea of what is happening in Wales and some inspiring ideas for what to do next in your own community!


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Rydym yn cefnogi grwpiau trwy ein rhydwaith o Fentoriaid Cymheiriad, sef aelodau o'r gymuned gyda phrofiad o weithio ar prosiectau cymunedol hinsawdd eraill, ac yn rhannu eu sgiliau a'u profiad i helpu grwpiau i ddod a'u syniadau yn fyw. 

Rydym wedi adeiladu ar brofiad ein rhaglen flaenorol, Adfywio Cymru, a helpodd gannoedd o gymunedau i weithredu ar newid hinsawdd rhwng 2012 a 2022. Darllennwch fwy: www.egin.org.uk


Egin is a programme that aims to unlock the collective power of communities in Wales to take their first steps towards tackling climate change and living more sustainably – especially those who are the most likely to be affected by climate change.

The word “Egin” means shoots or sprouts in Welsh, and the aim is to help new ideas to generate and take root, empowering communities to come together and talk about the changes they want to see.

Our main focus is  groups who might not normally feel included in conversations around climate and sustainability, yet may be the most impacted by climate change. We support groups through our Peer Mentors - members of the community with experience of working on other community climate initiatives, who use their skills and experience to help other communities to bring their ideas to life. 

We have built on the experience of our previous programme, Renew Wales, which helped hundreds of communities take action on climate change from 2012 to 2022. Read more: www.egin.org.uk

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