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Teils cast plastr / Plaster cast tiles: Dydd Mercher 12 Mis Ebrill / Wednesday 12 April £5.00

Join Emma, artist and Y Stiwdio Project Co-ordinator, to learn how to imprint and cast natural forms in plaster.

We will learn how to build a clay mould and imprint natural forms. Then how to correctly mix plaster to cast our creation. Each participant will leave with a plaster tile.

This is a family friendly event, part of the 'Growing Better Connections' exhibition at Y Stwidio but younger children may need a little adult assistance with rolling pins!

Please book a ticket for each attendee.

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy

CARE are a Community Benefit Society determined to make a positive environmental impact for our local community in North-East Pembrokeshire. 

After 13 years hard work we've successfully put up a 700kW wind turbine to generate clean energy. We are now working on developing a share offer to invite people to invest and become members of CARE, which will help grow a fund for the benefit of the local community. We are also working hard to deliver our other community projects, focusing on landscape restoration, creating an eco-friendly space for arts in the community, and offering energy efficiency advice.

Over the years we've worked with other communities, businesses and individuals across North Pembrokeshire; sharing what we have learned along the way, to help build resilience to the changing economy and the changing environment, through community action and enterprise.

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