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This computer-based workshop introduces students to the basics of statistics using the R Software Environment for Statisconfertical Computing.

The workshop will cover 5 key themes:

1). Data analysis and statistics, reproducibility and the R Software Environment;

2). Data management;

3). Data visualization;

4). Data analysis - The general linear model;

5). Data analysis - Presentation of results.

At the end of this workshop students will have been exposed to the basics of how to handle and analyse scientific data using R, for exploratory and confirmatory purposes, communicate the findings, and store both the data and the codes used, to allow full replicability. The student will learn how to:

1. Import data for statistical analysis into R, visualize the data and, taking into account the specific question asked, choose and conduct basic statistical analysis using the general linear model, or be able to identify if it is not applicable.

2. Critically interpret the data and analyses and produce basic informative tables and graphs to report the results of different types of basic statistical models.

3. Be able to provide all the data and computer codes for a full replicability of all analyses.

4. Format the results for a scientific publication.

5. Be able to learn new methods and packages in R independently.