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Aim of the course:

To write Welsh with more confidence, clarity and accuracy.

Objectives of the course:

By the end of the course you will have had an opportunity to:

Review grammar
Test your written skills
Apply the above to your workplace setting and produce written material of which you are proud.

The course includes several aspects, for example,

Effective use of dictionary
Prepositions and the definite article
Doubling the letter 'n'
Writing clear Welsh
Checking material with the help of your computer

The training is based on a series of practical tasks and activities to help raise confidence and strengthen skills.

Iaith Cyf

Y ganolfan cynllunio iaith

Ein gweledigaeth yw cynnal canolfan ragoriaeth mewn polisi a chynllunio iaith sy'n cyfrannu at fywiogrwydd y Gymraeg a ieithoedd lleiafrifol a rhanbarthol erail

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