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Understanding Hate Crime and Vulnerability in North Wales / Deall Troseddau Casineb a Bregusrwydd yng Ngogledd Cymru ( 08/09 - 16/10 ) Free

North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner Andy Dunbobbin is once again joining with North Wales Police, the Wales Hate Support Centre at Victim Support and the North Wales Community Cohesion Teams to host an online event on hate crime. This year we will explore vulnerability and hate crime within the communities of North Wales, look at how to reduce victimisation, and how we can support people who experience hate crime.

In light of the success of last year’s event and the importance of the subject, we have extended this year’s session to 2 hours. In a packed and thought-provoking agenda, we will share insights from services working in North Wales – particularly with disabled people – and we will hear also from police officers working with young people in schools and those providing services to support isolated and vulnerable victims.

Speakers:            North Wales PCC, Andy Dunbobbin

                             North Wales Police – SchoolBeat Officer

                             Show Racism the Red Card

                             The Wales Hate Support Centre at Victim Support

                             Community Cohesion Co-ordinators

Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales


Comisiynydd Heddlu a Throsedd Gogledd Cymru sy’n gyfrifol am lywodraethu plismona yng Ngogledd Cymru. Mae ar y Comisiynydd gyfrifoldeb cyffredinol i sicrhau heddlu effeithiol ac effeithlon sy'n dangos gwerth am arian ac, yn bwysicaf oll, yn lleihau trosedd.

The North Wales Police and Crime Commissioner is the local governing body for policing in North Wales. The Commissioner has an overarching duty to secure an efficient and effective police force, which demonstrates value for money and, above all, cuts crime. 

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