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What is it?

  • Learn about age-friendly communities and how to make your community a better place for all ages
  • Make new connections and explore new ways of working together
  • Learn about some of the great work taking place to make Wales the best place in the world to grow older


Who should attend?

  • Anyone interested in finding out more about what age-friendly means
  • Anyone wanting to make where they live more age-friendly
  • People and organisations working closely with older people
  • Anyone already involved with making their community age-friendly


Spaces at the event are limited. If over-subscribed, we will allocate spaces to ensure a wide range of organisations and communities can attend, with a priority given to older people.

Older People's Commissioner for Wales

Older People's Commissioner for Wales

Mae Comisiynydd Pobl Hŷn Cymru’n gwarchod ac yn hybu hawliau pobl hŷn ledled Cymru, gan graffu a dylanwadu ar amrywiaeth eang o bolisïau ac arferion i wella eu bywydau. Mae’n darparu help a chefnogaeth yn uniongyrchol i bobl hŷn drwy ei thîm gwaith achosion ac mae’n gweithio i rymuso pobl hŷn i sicrhau bod eu llais yn cael ei glywed ac y gweithredir yn ei gylch. Mae rôl y Comisiynydd yn seiliedig ar gyfres o bwerau cyfreithiol unigryw i’w chefnogi gydag adolygu gwaith cyrff cyhoeddus a’u dal yn atebol pan fo angen.

Mae’r Comisiynydd yn gweithredu i roi terfyn ar wahaniaethu a rhagfarn ar sail oedran, i atal cam-drin pobl hŷn ac i alluogi i bawb heneiddio’n dda.

Mae’r Comisiynydd eisiau i Gymru fod y lle gorau yn y byd i bobl heneiddio ynddo.


The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales protects and promotes the rights of older people throughout Wales, scrutinising and influencing a wide range of policy and practice to improve their lives. She provides help and support directly to older people through her casework team and works to empower older people and ensure that their voices are heard and acted upon. The Commissioner’s role is underpinned by a set of unique legal powers to support her in reviewing the work of public bodies and holding them to account when necessary.

The Commissioner is taking action to end ageism and age discrimination, stop the abuse of older people and enable everyone to age well.

The Commissioner wants Wales to be the best place in the world to grow older.


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