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Aelodau WCVA / WCVA Members
Gwirfoddol a Cymunedol / Voluntary & Community
Partneriaid o WCVA / Partners of WCVA
Sector Cynhoeddus a Preifat / Public and private sector

Explore how to record data from events effectively and accurately




To explore ways of recording the variety of data generated at participative events and consultations


Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to...

  • Explain how data from participative events and consultations is used
  • Compare types of data which may be generated at an event, and appropriate methods of recording different types of data
  • Describe examples of good and bad note taking
  • Use practical tips and techniques for recording data
  • Use planning and preparation stages to identify the best way to record data


Who this course is for

Administrative and frontline staff within public service and third sector organisations who are required to take notes and record data at participative events and consultations.


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Fel aelod bydd gennych fynediad at ystod eang o adnoddau a chymorth. Rydym hefyd yn hoff o gynnwys ein haelodau cyn i ni wneud penderfyniadau o bwys sy’n effeithio ar y trydydd sector.

WCVA is the national membership organisation for the third sector in Wales. Our vision is for the third sector and volunteering to thrive and improve well-being for all. We aim to achieve this by influencing, connecting and enabling.


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