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A group of children collecting acorns.

Our Acorn Antics Masterclass provides a step by step guide of what you need to do to take part in the 2022 campaign.

Growing native trees from local seed stock helps ensure that the trees we plant are best suited to local conditions and provide the greatest benefit to local wildlife and woodlands. To make sure we have plentiful stocks of these native, local trees, we are asking education and learning groups to collect acorns in their local area. 

By giving you early warning of what’s involved we hope you’ll be able to weave some Acorn Antics into your planning, raise funds for your setting, help preserve this iconic tree species and get your learners learning in, learning about and learning for the natural environment.

Education groups based in Wales or anyone fundraising for their local Wales based education group are welcome to take part in this year’s campaign.  The webinar will be led by Education, Learning & Skills staff from Natural Resources Wales.

Please note this course will be delivered through the medium of English on Microsoft Teams.

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