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Music Workshop - Create a Welsh Folk Song with Casi Wyn,Bardd Plant Cymru 


This workshop will focus on Welsh folk songs, the poetry and stories that exist within our tradition of writing and performing and look at structures, rhymes, the musicality (the science!) of our traditions and what makes them last.


She'll be opening space for to encourage the children to think / introduce their own themes and imagery from what they've been learning this summer, and inviting them to work with her to write a simple brand new folk song. By the end, you should all be singing something original together!

The session is free.

We ask that Parents stay with their children during the sessions especially  those with children younger than 8 years.

Remember to join the Gadgeteers - Summer Reading Challenge 2022 

Visit your library 3 times during the summer holidays and read 6 books to complete the challenge and get a medal! Ask at your local library.

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