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Have your say: how can public services improve their engagement with citizens?

As a citizen do you have experience of engaging with public services /organisations or professionals?
(e.g. Local authority, housing association, local health board, social worker) 

How could the experience be improved?

Share your views at our online event!

The National Principles for Public Engagement in Wales were created in 2012 to help organisations carry out consistent and effective public engagement. 


A Public Engagement Practitioners’ Manual (https://wcva.cymru/influencing/engagement/) was created to give people working in the third and public sector the tools to be able to speak to communities and those who use their services in the best way possible.


Due to changes in the law, new policies and new ways of working, the Manual now needs an update to make sure it reflects the needs of community members in Wales. 


Redford Research has been commissioned by WCVA (funded by Welsh Local Government Association) to do this piece of work and would like to hear your views on:


  • The barriers to engagement for your community

  • Ideas/suggestions on how to remove these barriers

  • What the manual should include to help professionals and services understand your needs


Join us for an online discussion about the new Public Engagement Practitioners’ Manual and what it should include to improve the experiences of citizens when engaging with public services. 


Closing Date for Bookings: Tuesday 17th May 5pm

You can also share your views by completing this brief survey:




Redford Research

redford research

Redford Research are involvement specialists who provide support to third and public sector organisations in Wales.

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