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As part of our Fruit and Bounty project, we are launching "Ein Coed" - a tree sharing initiative. Ein Coed offers a way for anyone in Pembrokeshire to access cuttings and seeds of varieties of trees they would like to grow, and to share them with others too. In this morning, half-day workshop, we'll show you how to graft an apple tree using winter bench grafting, and you will take your own apple tree home with you at the end.

Join CARE and Peni Ediker to find out how grafting works, what you need in order to do it well, and the process of grafting a tree. You'll have a chance to practice the skills and will then graft your own apple tree from a selection of varieties well-suited to West Wales.  

This is one of several half-day sessions we're running in February and March.

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy

Cwm Arian Renewable Energy

CARE are a Community Benefit Society determined to make a positive environmental impact for our local community in North-East Pembrokeshire. 

After 13 years hard work we've successfully put up a 700kW wind turbine to generate clean energy. We are now working on developing a share offer to invite people to invest and become members of CARE, which will help grow a fund for the benefit of the local community. We are also working hard to deliver our other community projects, focusing on landscape restoration, creating an eco-friendly space for arts in the community, and offering energy efficiency advice.

Over the years we've worked with other communities, businesses and individuals across North Pembrokeshire; sharing what we have learned along the way, to help build resilience to the changing economy and the changing environment, through community action and enterprise.

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