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This session will explore the ways to empower local communities, build research capacity and develop skills that help to maximise research impact and community engagement in the Global South. In particular, it will focus on the mechanisms for creative collaboration and engagement, drawing on the range of techniques used in the tri-nation PACONDAA (Poverty Alleviation through Control of Disease in Asian Aquaculture) project funded by the Newton Fund. The session will be run by Prof. Sergei Shubin (Swansea University) in collaboration with Prof. Tanjil Sowgat (Khulna University, Bangladesh), who will share their first-hand experiences of working in the Global South.


The session will be split into three sections. First, it will consider a shift from problem-solving to problem solving in developing experimental research approaches. The focus here is on providing practical training for research ownership, giving voice to previously excluded, uneducated and overlooked groups. Second, the session will explore “a different kind of creativity” (Nakamura, 2007) to reflect on the appropriate techniques for inclusion of the oft-overlooked research elements excessive of form and position (such as memories, dreams and hopeful visions of the future). Lastly, the session will discuss critical approach to production of research data and opportunities to develop different kinds of resources for learning and practice. It will conclude with the broader discussion on ethics of working in the Global South countries.