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This session is intended as an introduction to using focus groups. It is designed for early stage researchers or researchers who are considering using this approach and want to find out more about how to plan and facilitate effective focus groups discussion either in-person or via zoom. 

The session will include a brief introduction and overview of focus group methodology including consideration of when and where to use them.  The session will then cover the practical stages of planning a focus group or series of focus group discussions. Followed by a practical where attendees participate in or watch other attendees participate in a short example focus group. Recorded materials will be used to facilitate the session as well. The focus will be on key issues to address in practice. The session will conclude with a summary which highlights key considerations and tips for best practice.


Who is this for?

Early-stage researchers or postgraduate researchers considering delivering focus groups

What will I learn?

How to plan and facilitate effective focus group discussions in-person or via zoom.