Newyddion News

Bad news: Unfortunately we are closing the service.

Good news: There are discussions to ensure we re-open the service in 2024 with a strong long-term funding model. is a brand new service for online ticket sales.

If you organise events (any size and number of events), then you can use to promote and sell your tickets online, for FREE*.

Built using the latest web technologies, is a one-of-a-kind bi-lingual experience for you and your attendees.

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Simple, quick setup

You could be selling tickets for your event within minutes.
Once registered, you have full control to create and publish your event, ready for you to spread the word, and get your attendees buying tickets.

Your event page - your way

Our event page builder allows you to create an engaging event page, making it easy for you to promote the best of your event.
Specify event details, add an image, maybe a promo video and an interactive map… everything you need to get those all important conversions.

Bi-lingual / dwyieithog has been built from the ground up as a bi-lingual service, with integrated control to allow easy management of bi-lingual events.
As an organiser, you have full control of your own interface language, as well as how your event is presented to your event page visitors.

Share, share, share

Getting the message out about your event is crucial for event success, and is built to take advantage of social networks to allow site visitors to spread the word for you.

Not just on

To ensure you take advantage of other platforms which your attendees are using, we’ve created a handy embed tool which allows you to easily embed a ticket widget inside your own site.
This feature is available from your event page too, so others can embed it in their sites!

Secure online payments

All you need is a Stripe account.
Very easy to set up, and one of the most secure ways to receive funds from your attendees. They’ll thank you for making it so easy for them!

Set-up and sell from anywhere

Whether you are in the office on your desktop, or on your phone on the train going to check out the venue, you can use anywhere to create and promote your event.
Clicking or tapping - it doesn’t make a difference to us.

Track your events allows you to track the activities on your event page in real time.
Visitors, conversions, orders, tickets, attendees… you name it, you’ve got it!

Something missing?

Although is ready for you to use today, we are already working on the next release, bringing an even better experience for you and your attendees.
Visit our Public Development Board to see what we’re working on.

FREE? We hear you ask.

As an event organiser, is totally free for you to start using.
Register for a free account, and you can start selling your tickets, online, for free*, today.

If you will be selling tickets for a price, then your attendees will pay a small booking fee for using our service (2.5% + 0.40p per ticket).

If you are a registered UK charity, then we’ll waive this fee for small events, and discount larger ones (50% fee for capacity of over 30).

And of course, we’ll also waive the fee if your event is free!

*We are using Stripe to process transactions, and they will charge you a fee for using their service. See more details under Stripe fees.